Zoomers City Store Den Bosch

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The ZOOMERS success story continues! In the eastern provinces of The Netherlands, Gelderland and Overijssel, a successful retail network has been established. Now ZOOMERS has expanded to other parts of The Netherlands, too. In the old city center of ’s-Hertogenbosch the first store outside the traditional ZOOMERS’ homeland has opened its doors in September 2012.

ZOOMERS Citystore Den Bosch is situated in the former general post office of ’s-Hertogenbosch, a prominent landmark in the old city center. True to the ZOOMERS’ motto ‘A Celebration of Fashion’, retailLAB gave this building and a total make-over: here shopping becomes an experience! The new store offers alongside world famous fashion brands, a whole range of interior-design and life-style products. The total store space mounts up to a 3.000 m2, including the 300 m2 Fashion Café – a grand café where you enjoy your coffee, but which offers the ultimate dining experience as well. Restaurateur Jacob Jan Boerma, owner and chef of De Leest (two Michelin stars), has designed a mouth-watering menu for this venue.

Not only did retailLAB develop the ambitious store concept for the ZOOMERS Citystore Den Bosch, together with Bas Zoomers, it also took responsibility for its realisation. ‘In a fashionable city like ’s-Hertogenbosch, you have to come up with something really great if you want to stay ahead in your business,’ says Hans van den Hout. ‘That is why we developed a whole new store concept, in which life-style and the shopping experience are leading. So there it is: a mega store with a unique and luxurious look and feel, and a grand café where you can also enjoy a great meal. I’m very proud of the interior design. It really looks marvelous; everything comes together. Close co-operation with our Hungarian and Chinese partners enabled us to stay within budget.’

The success of the Zoomers City Store was reaffirmed when the Dutch public awarded Zoomers the People's Choice Dutch Retail Experience Award 2013!

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