Why are some stores more successful than others?

What we do

We know that retail today is more challenging and complicated than ever.
Consumers spend less and demand more value from each experience. The knowledge of a great experience goes everywhere with today’s consumer. A successful store is a store that is thoroughly thought through, but also surprises – something really WOW!

RetailLAB is recognized internationally as a leading player in the retail design and consulting business. Hans van den Hout, expert on the ever-changing global retail landscape, founded the company in the Netherlands in 1973. Over the decades, retailLAB has build a strong reputation with retailers and brands all over the world for its innovative, up-to-the-minute retail solutions.

All our stores have one thing in common: they tell a story... RetailLAB adds value to that story by focussing on the total look and feel of the store, or shop-in-shop. RetailLAB creates and develops the buzz-atmosphere that makes the experience for the consumer a unique journey, with all kinds of expected and unexpected treasures to see and feel. 

What do our stores do better?
* Our stores generate more traffic
* Our stores create a better conversion rate
* Our stores have a higher cash ticket
* Our stores have a 20-30% higher turnover per mthan their benchmarks



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