Together with you, retailLAB creates an environment that works well for the customer.

How we do it

1. Business Tactics
We are always focussing on the best mix between store experience (look and feel) and turn over. Understanding the business and ongoing attention make the real difference and leads to success, both off- and online.

The store-concepts we create are benchmarks for the industry. Our in-depth involvement and drive to create exciting stores, helps us to develop the best in retailing. After being involved in the business tactics, the creative implementation is of utmost importance to achieve the look and feel and surprise that will attract customers.

We focus on the ultimate customers, talk to them, listen to what makes them move. We have learned the difference between:  

the Journey of Shopping 


the Ritual of Buying


2. RetailLAB studio 

Our retailLAB Studio offers you a one-stop shopping for all design and implementation of superlative retail concepts. A dedicated design team will work with you to create the perfect concept: a concept which underlines your corporate identity and brand strategy.

Once we have developed a successful store design, we support you with the implementation and roll out throughout your retail network, ensuring that a consistent brand experience and standards of excellence can be found in every store.

Our expertise in visual merchandising and in-store communication guarantee that every detail of the retail environment not only supports your marketing objectives but can also be easily updated. Our concepts are flexible enough to be tailored to local requirements.


3. Help to make it happen

It is not only about upfront strategic thinking and world-class creativity. Our 35-year experience in successful retailing learned us that only involvement and responsibility make it happen. Here lays the real difference with our competitors. We take all the necessary steps and risks, and instead of walking away after your store is successfully opened, we stay in touch and will support you for years to come. 

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