(Piet) Zoomers and retailLAB

Working together with...

Fashion retailer (Piet) ZOOMERS and RetailLAB join forces for almost 35 years. Hans van den Hout is a longstanding member of the Zoomers Formulae Team, in which he advises on strategic and creative matters. Together with Zoomers retailLAB developed a whole range of store concepts, based on the Triple Play Strategy, which was developed in close co-operation with Rethinking Group. A new visual identity, a new customer magazine and an exciting new online shopping experience, called 7 days, have been launched in the last couple of years. Everything we do is focussed on the Zoomers’ motto ‘A Celebration of Fashion’. 

The importance of identity
The ZOOMERS visual identity has been redesigned to reflect the clear strategic direction which we are taking in the development of our leading brand. Over the years ZOOMERS has become a leading benchmark for the Dutch fashion retail industry.