"I have always loved retail! I always will! I like to think of it as three-dimensional entertainment with a cash register as the finale. Today, more than ever, the retail store has to offer customers an exceptional, value-added shopping experience. That is our commitment and goal. To me, shopping is about newness. It’s about the thrill of getting new things – whether it’s clothes, or shoes, or a car. Retail has to deliver that ‘kick’ – it has to celebrate the look and the feel and the smell of the new.”

Itʼs the way we look at things that makes us different.
As almost anything is available online and price margins are eroding at an alarming rate, retail outlets have to work harder to give customers a reason to go shopping. Creating a value-adding shopping experience is the only way to generate more store traffic and push up revenues.
This is easier said than done in a world where customers are much better informed about prizes and design standards than they used to be. That is why we never stop rethinking retail, and never stop looking for new ways to attract and surprise customers. 

We are changing retail!
Sure enough: stores always need attention. This is where we step in: to pay attention and raise the level of ambition. Customers might like your store - that is okay, but is it enough to keep ahead in the future? RetailLAB thinks not. We are aiming high: stores and store concepts that really have the WOW-factor! Our vision on the retail economy is ambitious and bears testimony of our wide experience and dare. Even in these hard times for retail, we know how to get the lead that makes the difference between OK and WOW!


We will focus on a Made to Measure solution for you. Not only because we hate more of the same,  but because it takes more than vision and creativity to deliver: it is also about keeping your feet on the ground and staying focussed with the end goal in mind. Together we make things happen!

We love it.

It is our power to convince clients and investors to really make the next moves into an exciting new retail era. Let us inspire you to make the changes needed, and to create something WOW that really works.