Who the f*** is Hans van den Hout?

Who the f*** is Hans?

Hans van den Hout is the owner of retailLAB. He is an amiable man, who loves a good anecdote, but who is dead serious about his work and his passion: retail and the future of retailing. In the past 40+ years that Hans is in business, he made his mark: big and small projects abroad and in The Netherlands, all paying testimony to his successful vision on retail and what it ought to be.

“I always look at projects through the eyes of the customer. What does he or she see and feel? Is there any added value in visiting this particular shop? And does that look and feel push up the revenues? A shop has to be appealing, an experience! But not only that: once the customers are in, they have to buy. A happy store makes money.

“I like creative, commercial stores, Stores that really work! A store not only has to be beautiful to be successful, it has to inspire! Visitors have to become customers, and customers have to become loyal returning customers.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself – I think that is true to a certain degree. Together with our clients, retailLAB wants to work on a better future for retailing.

Together we are changing retail!