Making Retail Personal

“In a retail war, you’d better have Hans on your side. He’ll build you a money making machine,
with happy customers and happy staff. Perfect.”
  – Peter Barrett Jones, CEO rethinking group


retailLAB is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading retail experts. Hans van den Hout is founder of the international retail design & consultancy company, retailLAB. His work is seen all over the world ’Making Retail Personal’ is his company’s motto.


Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is not just to use technology to bring more data-driven insights into the physical retail environment, but to combine this statistical knowledge with human warmth and touch to make stores and brands personal again.

Hans comes to your Boardroom.
This ‘One day with Hans’ will lead to valuable insights into how to (re)energise your Store/Brand, share the Store/Brand Experience online, onstreet and through C2C as well as showing you where the money is to be made. He will share the secrets of ‘Creating a Happy Store’, ‘Optimizing Digital Presence’ and ‘Making Retail Personal’. He will pay a surprise visit to one of your stores.

A day spent with someone who knows retail. Someone not in your organisation. Someone with a helicopter view on what's going on. Someone who is busy with 'what now', but with an eye on the future. Imagine what a couple of hours will bring you. At your place or at the Retail House in Belgium.

Book your BOARDROOM Session with Hans today!

Let him inspire you on Adding Value from an Inspiring and Engaging perspective.

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Hans van den Hout is founder retailLAB. His work is seen all over the world. ’Making Retail Personal’ is his company’s motto.


Customers will favor Retailers and Brands who come up with ways to personalize & elevate the shopping experience.


Travel with Hans and explore the new retail hotspots. Hans will take you on a retail journey that will awaken the creativity in you.


Hans is an expert on the ever changing global landscape. Over decades, he has been giving Retail Masterclasses around the world.

Let’s meet in your Boardroom and talk about new and profitable ways to create more uniqueness and improve
on the shopping experience, and get in touch with ever changing mood- and mindset of a reluctant customer.