Making Retail Personal

“Hans keeps us on top of our business. He always surprises us with his vision and his keen eye for detail.
Thank you Hans and retailLAB for your great effort and ongoing support.” – Richard van Roon, Co-Owner ZOOMERS


Welcome at retailLAB’s ConceptSCAN
Let’s add instant value to your concept.

-Does your store offer an ‘engaging experience’?
-Do you agree that Happy Stores ‘make more money’?
-Is your store experience ‘relevant’ and customer oriented?
-Do you let your customers reshape your store?

Let our experience and knowledge inspire and help you on ‘the New Journey of Shopping’ and ‘the New Ritual of Buying’.

What can you expect?

We will visit you and have a look at your Brand- or Store concept.
Our team of experts will monitor your concept against other benchmarks.
We will come up with valuable insights and show you new and profitable ways how to improve your shopping journey, retail experience and how to build a meaningful relationship with your customer.

Making Retail Personal, Super! Customers might like your store, and that is okay, but is it enough to keep them coming (back) or do we need to Optimize your Digital Presence and generate new and exciting traffic towards your store and into the Customer’s Mobile.

Book your ConceptSCAN with our team of experts today!

Let us check and evaluate your existing concept, and see which specific areas need manicuring and more added value, from an inspiring and engaging perspective.

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Hans van den Hout is founder retailLAB. His work is seen all over the world. ’Making Retail Personal’ is his company’s motto.


Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is to combine data-driven insights with human warmth to make retail personal again.


Travel with Hans and explore the new retail hotspots. Hans will take you on a retail journey that will awaken the creativity in you.


Hans' ‘One hour presentation' of will lead to valuable insights as well as showing you where the money is to be made. .

AWARD Winning Hans van den Hout is the Creative Experience Officer and founder of RetailLAB.
Over the decades Hans created some of the best and most successful, stores around the world.