One on One


Making Retail Personal

“Hans is always highly motivated to inspire owners and managers to listen to the needs and wants of the customer, analyzing and implementing todays data driven resources of retail managers into easy, smart and practical directions to follow”
– Katlijn Mertens, LOLALIZA


Hello I’m Hans van den Hout. I’ve been in love with retail for the last 40+ years! Now retail is in crisis and I am on a mission. I am on a mission to bring back the joy of shopping to Make Retail Personal again!

Online is great, it is here to stay and that is wonderful. But it really is just a transaction. It is difficult to build a meaningful relationship here! We need to re-energize the shopping experience, to bring back the relationship. The joy of shopping, the fun, the excitement, the celebration, the social aspects and of course the community.

Let me inspire you!

Let’s talk ONEonONE and look at new and profitable ways to create more uniqueness and improve on the shopping experience
to get in touch with ever changing mood- and mindset of a reluctant customer. Sharing Experience and First impressions. Talking business, based on Adding Value from an Inspiring and Engaging perspective.
An hour spent with someone who knows retail. Someone not in your organisation. Someone with a helicopter view on what's going on. Someone who is busy with 'what now', but with an eye on the future. Imagine what a couple of hours will bring you. At your place or at the Retail House in Belgium.

Book your ONEonONE with Hans today!

Let him inspire you on Adding Value from an Inspiring and Engaging perspective.

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Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is to combine data-driven insights with human warmth to make retail personal again.


Customers will favor Retailers and Brands who come up with ways to personalize & elevate the shopping experience.


Travel with Hans and explore the new retail hotspots. Hans will take you on a retail journey that will awaken the creativity in you..


Hans' ‘One hour presentation' of will lead to valuable insights as well as showing you where the money is to be made.

Hans van den Hout is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading retail experts.
He is founder of the international retail design & consultancy company, retailLAB.
His work is seen all over the world ’Making Retail Personal’ is his company’s new motto.