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Making Retail Personal

As a motivating coach and mentor Hans is supporting New and Existing retail Start-Ups or Scale-Ups,
where he helps young entrepreneurs to (re)shape a future in retail with online- and offline platforms and strategies. 

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Store to Webshop, Offline goes Online
Webshop to Store, Online goes Offline

Online is great and is here to stay. But it is difficult to build a meaningful relationship here! We need to re-energize the total shopping experience, both Off- and Online, to bring back the relationship. The joy of shopping, the fun, the excitement, the celebration, the social aspects and of course the community. Let’s make retail personal again and look at the differences between ‘the Experience in Shopping’ versus ‘the Ritual of Buying’.

Making Retail Personal: Yes, we need to re-energize the shopping experience, to bring back the relationship. The joy of shopping, the fun, the excitement, the celebration, the social aspects, and of course the community.

Optimizing Digital Presence: New retail is so exciting, because it is the perfect mix between bricks, mobile & clicks. EtailLAB-Marketing is also our focus and a great opportunity to make your Store and Brand customers first choice.

The way we buy fashion is also changing. The physical store is still an important part of the mix, but ecommerce is now a huge consideration, which brings with it its own challenges. Plus, social media is offering another way to shop.

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Hans van den Hout is founder retailLAB. His work is seen all over the world. ’Making Retail Personal’ is his company’s motto.


Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is to combine data-driven insights with human warmth to make retail personal again.


Customers will favor Retailers and Brands who come up with ways to personalize & elevate the shopping experience.


Travel with Hans and explore the new retail hotspots. Hans will take you on a retail journey that will awaken the creativity in you.