Making Retail Personal

Let's go shopping with your team and help them to see and understand the big changes
that are evident to create the unexpected and look at your business Outside In.


Come shopping with Hans
Let Hans inspire you.

A 2/3 days trip to an exciting shopping destination. Typically you travel with Hans and together you explore the new retail hotspots. Shopping in London, Berlin, Antwerp, Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai, Dubai, Tokyo or another retail destination. Hans will take you on a retail journey that will awaken the creativity in you.

A fantastic opportunity to see and experience in person what is happening on street level and immediate reflect on how this could affect your game. You will come back inspired, fresh and motivated, full of ideas how to re-energize your business.

Or a 1 day trip to an exciting City like Amsterdam or Antwerp, where we will discover and embrace the new retail as we walk by. Taking the pictures that will be used to convince your team about ‘What’s really going on’, and ‘Where to Focus on’.

Book your Streetail trip with Hans today!

Let him inspire you on Adding Value from an Inspiring and Engaging perspective.


On all our trips we are always looking for ‘HAPPY Stores.’ Because ‘A HAPPY Store makes more money’ and will keep your customers longer instore. Stores that stay ahead of the game, telling stories and creating new values, inspire and engage the customer.

Itʼs the way you look at things that will make you different.


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Hans van den Hout is founder retailLAB. His work is seen all over the world. ’Making Retail Personal’ is his company’s motto.


Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is to combine data-driven insights with human warmth to make retail personal again.


Customers will favor Retailers and Brands who come up with ways to personalize & elevate the shopping experience.


Hans is an expert on the ever changing global landscape. Over decades, he has been giving Retail Masterclasses around the world.