Hans’ 7 Simple Rules for Engaging Retail – Making Retail Personal


Grand opening of the first Zoomers City Experience store in the Netherlands.
More than 3000m2 of Fashion Food & Fun. Great to work with them and be a part of something new and exciting. Zoomers Celebration of fashion was the way to go and highly appreciated by the Customer.

As of today I will be using my blog to send you some of my personal experiences and conclusions on ‘What’s going on in retail’ and even better ‘What your Focus could be’. Also tips on HOW to be unique in your own way, how to be different in a smart and simple way and how to listen and please YOUR Customer’.

I will provide you with matching images and visuals because I still believe ‘One picture tells more than a thousand words’. 

I understand many Retailers and Brands are still focussing on product and price. It feels as if the ‘Ritual of Buying’ is more important than the ‘Experience of Shopping’. Visiting all major retail destinations and beautiful cities however, I found out by listening and talking to the customer on the street, they seem to browse and choose on mobile and laptop. When they go to the City, Mall or (pre)selected Shops they change their shopping criteria and behavior to be less rational and more emotional. They feel attracted to Experiences, sounds, vision, smell, people and because of that they always want to be in places that have a Instagrammable touch. To see and be seen. To connect and get informed, and most of all show that they are a part of something.

If there is any conclusion I can make today it would be to focus further on ‘Creating Engaging Experiences’ Off- and Online and ‘Making Retail Personal’.

Everybody is looking for new ways to get- and stay connected with their customer. Micro influencers are helping customers into the fitting rooms, and ofcourse choosing and buying. Big influencers help them to stay connected with the Brand and Store. Beautiful new ways to sell and most of them seem to work, but never forget at the end it all comes to the taste level, quality, price and style of the product and if it really matches.

If all of that is OK (or more than OK), it will help the customer on their journey of getting more attention, being seen, being someone, a bit more different and stylish.

Making Retail Personal
Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is not just to use technology to bring more data-driven insight into the physical retail environment, but to combine this statistical knowledge with human warmth and touch to make stores and brands personal again.

Most of the Selfie and Instagrammable places in the store or at any event, will have to give the customer a feeling of belonging to
and a ‘Me and My Friends’ feeling.

Today’s customers want everything!
They want the advantages of digital, such as broad selection, rich product information and honest customer Reviews. But never forget: they also want all the advantages of physical stores as well, such as personal attention and service, shopping as an event.