Source: the Ordinary London

Today’s Retailers and Brands know very well that it is hard to stay focussed, and not only look for extra shoppers online, but to try to create engaging touchpoints and HAPPY Places for Customers to go, to stay and to return to.

YES, rule #2 is to create a place your specific Customer wants to go for ‘Shopping and Buying’.
Like at the Ordinary in London, where we didn’t even mind the long que, stores should places of:

  • Inspiration
  • Orientation
  • Extra (unexpected) Services on the spot
  • New technologies
  • Information
  • Meet and greet
  • Learn and connect

Streetail – Utrecht, The Netherlands; June 1st 2019

There are many good examples of engaging stores, but on the other hand most of the fashion stores look the same. Product and racks!!!!. In one single mall visit we managed to take pictures of black middle racks in 8 out of 10 fashion stores. We have started with this some 10 years ago and forgot to make big money on this. Today we want to point out that White will be, and is, the new Black.

Are there specific new (Store) Experiences on the market?

Of course, many new things are happening. As the retail industry has to (re)invent itself we are glad and excited to see beautiful new ideas arriving in the streets. World famous Brands like Adidas en Nike. Beautiful new shop-in-shops in the best department stores.(Selfridges, Harrods, John Lewis, La Rhinasente, de Bijenkorf and many more..) We just want to share 2 projects we run into (UK and USA) that are a little unexpected…

1 What a great new experience at Topgolf USA 

Courtesy: TOPGOLF

Topgolf venues are multi-level complexes feature high-tech golf balls and gaming, climate-controlled hitting bays, food and cocktails, events, music and more. Players are charged hourly, and the cost depends on time of day.

Topgolf said it is actively seeking development opportunities nationwide, with a focus on markets with a population of 100,000 to 500,000. The design can scale up or down in size based on demand, the company said, allowing Topgolf to grow its footprint across a broader range of markets than its traditional model.

2 The best (free) coffee served at the B-Works Bank!

Source: CYBG and B Bank

This latest project transforms the physical relationship between banks and its Customers. CYBG established the concept
‘B-Works’, focused on a new type of banking environment with a financial lifestyle space, inspired by the notion of Learn. Work. Bank.

Never be afraid of missing out!!

Look at your Competition and Benchmarks, and remember they make a lot of mistakes too.
Keep on Thinking (your) Customer FIRST
The real Retail Journey is still very exciting and can be very rewarding. It always starts with you understanding and listening to your customer which you should consider ‘your best friend’

The real problem is that most Stores+Brands do not have enough Time+ Money to keep on changing and moving along the roads of their Customers, being their best friend, providing a reliable source and giving them all the choices they need and in the end helping them to buy. (again Both On- and Offline)

And always bear in Mind:

Today’s Customers want everything!
They want the advantages of digital, such as broad selection, rich product information and honest Customer Reviews. But never forget: They also want all the advantages of physical stores as well, such as personal attention and service , shopping as an event and engaging experiences.