Being on ‘the streets of retail’ most of the time, you sometimes run into experiences that are really unique, well focussed and very engaging.

Danish jewelry brand Pandora created a “sensory beehive” structure in Australia to launch their collection, Pandora Shine. The Hive also featured Humming Hubs, which not only integrate humming sounds but also emit floral scents and LED lights that mimic busy bees in a hive.

The experience was set up at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney, Australia and created by Melbourne-based experiential design agency YourStudio. The sculptural golden hive was filled with metallic golden flowers that were subtly scented like real flowers, revealing new season PANDORA charms within. Immersive ‘humming hubs’ allowed visitors to place their heads inside the hive to hear the sound of bees buzzing.

The customer has been put at the heart of the experience, engaging all senses for this dramatic launch of the new product line by Pandora. Visitors were able to share their experience using the #PANDORAShine hashtag on social media and take photos at the Pandora Shine-themed GIF booth in the Hive. As the customers left, they were handed ice creams made from edible gold, the perfect reward for all the Pandora bees.

PANDORA SHINE Pop-Up Shop in Sydney, Australia was breathtaking and I hope very successful. All compliments to experience design agency YourStudio and Pandora for this inspiring piece of work.

Source: YourStudio

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