“When it comes to shopping the Eternal City does not disappoint at all.This birthplace of iconic brands like Bulgari, Fendi and Valentino, Rome holds its own in the world of high fashion, offering visitors and locals a chance to shop some of the world’s most celebrated luxury brands” source: Rome city guide

We checked out the old city on Via dei Condotti, Via del Corso, Via del Triton, Via Borgognona and had an inside look at one of the most beautiful and well designed department stores in Italy: La Rinascente, we had to go there as they are promoting to reinvent the experience of shopping.

Why Streetailing?
A fantastic opportunity to see and experience in person what is happening on street level and immediate reflect on how this could affect your game. You will come back inspired, fresh and motivated. You will be full of ideas how to re-energize your business.

On all our trips we are always looking for ‘HAPPY Stores.’ Because ‘A HAPPY Store makes more money’ and will keep your customers longer in-store. Stores that stay ahead of the game, tell stories and create new values, inspire and engage the customer.

Today’s Customers want everything! They want the advantages of digital, such as broad selection, rich product information and honest Customer Reviews. But never forget:
They also want all the advantages of physical stores as well, such as personal attention and service , shopping as an event and engaging
  • LUSH offers an ‘engaging experience’?
  • LUSH is a great store with HAPPY people and must make Money.
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Ethical in buying
  • Fights against animal testing
  • Freshest cosmetics online and on-street
  • Handmade
  • Naked packaging!

They do what we feel is most important and just like retailLAB they are focussing on Making Retail Personal, they even use half of our name with LUSHLABS. We were treated like royalty instead of customers. Creativity in optima forma. Compliments from our clients and our Streetailing team. Felt so sorry we couldn’t stay longer…

Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is not just to use technology to bring more data-driven insight into the physical retail environment, but to combine this statistical knowledge with human warmth and touch to make Stores and Brands personal again.

Online is great, it is here to stay and that is wonderful. But it really is just a transaction. It is difficult to build a meaningful relationship here! We need to re-energize the shopping experience, to bring back the relationship. The joy of shopping, the fun, the excitement, the celebration, the social aspects and of course the community.’

How about a ‘POP(e)UP’ Store?
Let retailLAB inspire you!
Let’s talk ONEonONE and look at new and profitable ways to create more uniqueness and improve on the shopping experience to get in touch with ever changing mood- and mindset of a reluctant customer. Sharing Experience and First impressions. Talking business, based on Adding Value from an Inspiring and Engaging perspective.