If there is any future in retail it will be the big change from transaction-based into relationship-based value creation.
The big change (based on correct data analysis) is the new and improved focus on ‘What the customer really wants and needs‘.

5 words I always keep in mind

  • Originality
  • Uniqueness
  • Traceability
  • Fair pricing
  • Quality Experience

Communication departments of big retailers & brands will become entertainment idea centers with only one focus: ‘How to engage and keep the Fire (Brand Experience) burning’.

Most retailers and brands know very well how to run their business (so no support needed!). But adding value through holistic creative thinking, looking from the outside in and NOT taking everything for granted is our way of thinking. Interesting discussions about the differences between KNOWING and DOING but always focus on BEING.

Retail is, and will always be, a business of friends & relationships. Sending powerful, sometimes bold wake-up calls. NOT only Excel sheet decisions or management implemented technology but more focus on the C3 Factor.

C1 = Your Customer
C2 = Your Collection (products and services)
C3 = Your Connection (Offline and Online)