WOR=WOO=WOC: The World of Retail is (still) a World of Opportunities.


Is the Purpose of a store to change fundamentally?
Although most Journeys will start on the internet…
We learned that Customers still simply browse through cities, malls and stores and want to experience and discover, always looking for exciting and engaging shopping experiences.

The World of Opportunities if you think World of Customers.


Changing market conditions in the last 10 years tell:


As we are in transition from transaction-based into relationship-based value creation, too many retailers are still neglecting customer relationships.

Too many retailers have insufficient competitive differentiation.
GAP, Esprit, Mango, Zara stores are completely interchangeable.
They all look the same in product and price, in some case even the racks and shelves match.

I learned that the internet of things and growing E-commerce market will put an end to this!

So retailers should at least be focussing on 3 key areas:

  • Innovation
  • Customer relationship
  • Competitive differentation

But at the same time, Great New things will (have to) happen.

Online and OFFstreet.
As Brand- and Store Awareness goes through the Mobile phone more and more, many Big (sometimes experienced) Retailers and Brands are slowly moving away from expensive High street appearances into the online world. Downsizing costs will help of course, but will it be strong enough to keep the personal touch and contact with the Customer.

The real problem is that most Stores+Brands do not have enough Time and Money to keep on changing and moving along the roads of their Customers, being their best friend, providing a reliable source and giving them all the choices they need and in the end helping them to buy.(Both On- and Offline)

Online is great, it is here to stay and that is wonderful. But it really is just a transaction. It is difficult to build a meaningful relationship here! We need to re-energize the shopping experience, to bring back the relationship. The joy of shopping, the fun, the excitement, the celebration, the social aspects and of course the community.

Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is not just to use technology to bring more data-driven insight into the physical retail environment, but to combine this statistical knowledge with human warmth and touch to make Stores and Brands personal again.
Make it the best place to meet & greet, to listen & learn, to touch, to shop.

Put more emotion in it.
More customers choice.
Should behave like a shop.

Delight and entertain.
Discover stuff.
Share stuff.
Take the analytical out.
Bring back the fun.