Creating HAPPY Places

Marion van den Hout

“Shopping is about the customer. Shopping should be a joy. The only way to make that happen is to design a whole new experience around the customer and Creating HAPPY Places that WOW the public, trigger All Senses,
shops that really work, make money and last longer.” 

Creating HAPPY Places

Why ‘Creating HAPPY Places’?

Because ‘A HAPPY Place makes more money’ and will keep your customers longer instore. Stores that stay ahead of the game, telling stories and creating new values, inspire and engage the Customer.

For example: The Zoomers City Experience
We build an extraordinary new Flagship Citystore in the historical center of Den Bosch, the Netherlands, of about 3000 m2. With a Fashion Café under the same roof we underline our vision of combining quality, attention and comfort.

Everything we do is focussed on the Zoomers’ motto; ‘A Celebration of Fashion’


Winner Dutch Retail Experience Award by the public.
Winner Dutch Retail Design Award.
Best chosen retail place to work.

For further details on Marion’s “Creating HAPPY Places” Design services or if you want to see how this could work for your project too, do not hesitate to get in touch with her direct on

Other Design Services

Shop-in-Shop & Pop-Up

Freestanding, instore Shop-in-Shop or Pop-Up shops. Always focussing on the NOW and keeping it Fresh and engaging. All the hotstuff and the latest.

All Senses

The right mix between all senses creates an inviting retail Journey for the Customer. A successful store is an Engaging and Inspiring place.


Being different in the eyes of your Customers is what counts. Because making your Store Customers’ First Choice can be very rewarding.


Creating exciting and engaging store concepts since 1974! Our concepts make the shopping experience more engaging.