All Senses

All Senses

Marion van den Hout

[Picture:L'Occitane, London. Source: Retail Design Post]

“From increasing reliance on handheld devices to the emergence, effects and future of social networking both inside
and outside of stores, the contemporary human brain is being rewired to perceive the world in a very different manner than even half a generation ago.” 
– Retail (r)Evolution

All Senses

Welcome at retailLAB’s ALL SENSES
Look and Feel, Smell, See and Inter-act.

More than ever the new retail world is focussing on all senses: (Vision, Sound, Smell, Touch, Inter -action, POS). The perfect store has it all and in the correct order.

The biggest screen does not say you are the best store, neither does the smallest. Too much scent makes people not buy more. It is the right mix between all senses that can create an inviting and easy retail journey for the customer.Today a successful store is an Engaging and Inspiring place to be(seen) full of surprises – something really WOW!

-Does your store offer an ‘engaging experience’/
-Does your store Facilitate Instagram Moments For Your Customers?
-Does your store offer a ‘Fun Experience’?
-Are your employees Involved In Social Content Initiatives?
-Do you encourage Social Media Interactions In-Store?
-Does your store needs a bit of ‘Manicuring’?
-Is your store a Happy Store and does it make money (enough)?

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