Marion van den Hout

[Picture: Stella McCartney, London. Source: Retail Design Post]

Your Store has to stay ahead of the game, telling stories and creating new values, inspire and engage the Customer.
Our restyling team will help (within your budget’s limits) to create something unique that fits perfect on ‘Who you are’
and ‘Who you are focussing at’.


Welcome at retailLAB’s (re)styling
Let’s add instant value to your concept.

Because you can easily ‘Update’ or ‘Uplift’ the Look and Feel of your store. Being different in the eyes of your customers is what counts. Making your Store Customers’ First Choice is not easy, but can be very rewarding.

(re)styling: A new color- and material scheme, perfect decorated with exciting PROPS, the customer will feel attracted and home again. Corrections well-thought through, mostly low on budget, re-energizing your store and feel ‘like new’.

-Does your store offer an ‘engaging experience’?
-Does your store need a bit of ‘Manicuring’?
-Is your store a Happy Store and does it make money (enough)?.
-Is your store experience ‘relevant’ and customer oriented?

Book your (re)styling session today!

For further details on Marion’s “Creating HAPPY Stores” services or if you want to see how this could work for your project too, do not hesitate to get in touch with her direct on Marion@retailLAB.com

Next to (re)styling your store/concept our retail experts can also help you on other valuable services like generating the right Traffic by using the correct Social Media in the best possible way.

Everybody knows that retail today is more challenging and complicated than ever. Consumers spend less and demand more value from each experience.The knowledge of a great experience goes everywhere with today’s consumer. Today a successful store is an Engaging and Inspiring place to be(seen) full of surprises – something really WOW!

All Senses

The right mix between all senses creates an inviting retail Journey for the Customer. A successful store is an Engaging and Inspiring place.


There is nothing basic about the color blue! Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones.


Creating exciting and engaging store concepts since 1974! Our concepts make the shopping experience more engaging.


Customers will favor Retailers and Brands who come up with ways to personalize & elevate the shopping experience.