Shop in shop

Shop in Shop / Pop-Up

Marion van den Hout

To attract more customers, to keep them longer in-store, you have to be able to make relevant changes,
add new and exciting products & services, creating more value for money and more memory.

Shop-in-Shop / Pop-Up

The stores today must be a playground of emotional engagement, a stage for special events that attract people to a place. These places are our societal landmarks and require constant refreshment of experience-based design. Freestanding, instore Shop-in-Shop or Pop-Up shops. Always focussing on the NOW and keeping it fresh and engaging. All the hotstuff and the latest. The right Point of Sale, Brand Awareness and Brand Personality concept will help you to stay upfront.


Brands will be Stores
Stores will be Brands

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Engaging customer experience

It feels like one of the key decisions stronger Retailers and bigger Brands have to take.

- Do you want to Roll Out your Brand and expand your business by creating an unique Shop-in-Shop concept that will be appreciated by the ultimate Customer?

- Do you think that too many shop-in-shops in your store can undermine your own Brand and Store profile?

- Are you building your future on your own private labels, and do you think a great shopping experience will be created by new Shop-in-Shop concepts?

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Being different in the eyes of your Customers is what counts. Because making your Store Customers’ First Choice can be very rewarding.

All Senses

The right mix between all senses creates an inviting retail Journey for the Customer. A successful store is an Engaging and Inspiring place.


Creating exciting and engaging store concepts since 1974! Our concepts make the shopping experience more engaging.


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