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Growth/Tribe Marketing

Nadifa Jama

“Build a movement, not a campaign. Find your tribe and lead it. Marketing is now about tribes, not market segments, not brands, not advertising.”
– Seth Godin, Founder of Squidoo and Yoyodyn

Growth & Tribe Marketing

Growth & Tribe Marketing is important in the retail world of today.
Those companies/brands who specialize in growth (hacking) use various types of marketing to test persuasive copy, email marketing, tribe marketing and viral strategies with a goal of increasing conversion rates and achieving rapid growth of customers.

At EtailLAB we focus on growth in organic (non-paid) results with the use of the right tribe marketing strategy. There are many aspects to Growth Marketing depending on what you need to optimize your digital presence.

Brand communities, consumer tribes, cultural marketing and tribal marketing, are much talked about terms in the new retail world. Yet, to successfully adapt these 'inclusiveness' marketing strategies you first need to research who and where these tribes are and how their rise in social media has changed the way we connect and consume.

We at retailLAB have studied these tribes, understand their (sub)cultures and would love to work with you to include Tribe Marketing in your Marketing plan.
We can help you create a successful inclusiveness campaign that captures your Brands/Store's essence.

The right Growth & Tribe Marketing can open new doors for your webshop!

Book your Growth & Tribe marketing session today!

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