I did not see that one coming….
Many Times I understand (or knew already) that certain Retailers & Brands were going out of business, or in Chapter XI. However, in retail TODAY things seem to change in a split second and no-one seems to know what’s coming.

Online and OFFstreet
As Brand- and Store Awareness goes through the Mobile phone more and more, many Big (sometimes experienced) Retailers and Brands are slowly moving away from expensive High street appearances into the online world. Downsizing cost will help of course, but will it be strong enough to keep the personal touch and contact with the Customer in the Train??

Under the Retail Train!!!!!

Sources images: IOT & NOS

See me…Feel me…Listening to you….
There is no (normal) What’s ‘OUT’ or ‘IN’ anymore.
There is a new WHO’s on the train, instead of Under!!!!!

Please take one moment to sit back and listen to the epic end of the musical Tommy by the WHO (Woodstock 1969)
What impressed me most are the lyrics of ‘Listening to you’ I get the Story…
Be patient or skip the first 60 seconds…

 The luxury experience is like having an affair.

Source: Robbreport

The luxury experience is like having an affair.
When you discover a brand that speaks to you, you might feel a similar emotion to falling in love. You can’t help yourself. You buy the car, the bag, the watch, and at every touchpoint the experience is enhanced with thoughtful, meaningful interactions that only build on your original exaltations. Or at least, that’s the idea.

Managing love is more relevant now for restaurants than ever. With Millennials taking over as the most important luxury consumers, expectations increase drastically—they are the experience generation. It’s hard. You have to feel for restaurant owners.

To them I say this: Love does not require theatrics; it demands personalized and professional service, with every transaction or interaction feeling special—so special that consumers fall in love. What a luxury that would be.

So what to DO, Where to look at, and WHO to talk to…

If you would ask me I will surely advise you to stick to your instincts, to stay focussed on your Customers Moods+Mindset.
Please do not look for uniqueness in new techniques or mediocre implementations of too many IT and Data-analysis.
I would really put my Heart where my mind is…on the retail floor, staying in constant contact with my (personal) audience.

  • Disruptive retail………Yeah
  • Fashion, Food, Fun….Yeah
  • Online goes Offline….Yeah