“If I understand the big changes in the new retail world well, there will come a Time when Customers will no longer know HOW TO CHOOSE and will really seek help with that”!

Getting prepared for the November and December Period it is the perfect Time to look for new and interesting gifts and tasty products. I wanted to check this myself by visiting my local supermarket to buy some easy, regular and interesting tasty wines. Not for Christmas yet because I will visit some “high quality wine tastings” early December and of course will be lectured again on how wine should be kept and tasted.

Visiting my local supermarket wasn’t easy at all, as they didn’t give any samples to try and were only focused on selling instead of telling… I was forced to make some quick decisions.

NO, NO, NO, Stop……I need to test if my creative thinking is still okay, so I took 9 pictures of each 3 bottles on the shelve, went home and asked my wife which one to choose. After hearing “What are you up to”, and “You are too crazy for this world” she easily picked one.

When I asked her what was the reason behind her easy decision since I thought she couldn’t look at the bottle, the year (no possibility to read from the back and no price indicated at all). Was it the first impression, the text, the image, the colour??

She decided to go for the Multipulcano wine, it felt of course ‘romantic and Italian’, and ‘looked an interesting quality wine” to her, but she could only choose if she knew the price that goes with it as well….

She is simply a fabulous no-nonsense natural wine (woman). Just a great wine (woman) for a great price? She hasn’t flown halfway around the world which was better for the environment too. This wine (woman) is purely natural as well as gorgeous drink (be with) every day!!! [text inspiration from Wine label SLURP!!]

Indeed, such good labeling matters…

My ONEonONE research wasn’t over yet as I asked her a second question by showing 2 more images of beauty products to choose from. She said: “Hans please stop…you should never buy products for your body at a low-cost food market”!!!!

I didn’t understand why I had to stop this experiment, although I still had 2 more pictures in my pocket on washing powder.
Didn’t dare to risk a big fight about who has to wash or do the dishes that day!!!

My Conclusion:
YES, good labeling can make a real difference, but better and well-prepared market research even more…and never forget to stay focused on the customer! (And you might also listen to your wife!)

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