In this week’s (Making Retail Personal) BLOG I want to share what POPS UP on my desk, phone, laptop, Home and… (in my MIND).

I am asking myself if it really matters to check out so many retail platforms every day and to talk/listen to so many tweeting retail experts who always tell me ‘WHAT retailers should Do’, instead of ‘HOW to Do it’.

Good Ideas, Great Thinking but HOW to do it!!
How to get on Today’s Disruptive Retail Wave.
How to stay there, to find Time and HOW to keep your Head cool..


Will HOME retail expand into Fashion, instead of the other way around?

(Maison & Objet Paris)

If you have already many Customers
If you want to make (more) Profit
If you don’t know How and You are afraid of making drastic changes.

You could simply add more value and instant gratification for your Customer by adding great new (Home) products and services.

COS (London)

Set in the new Coal Drops Yard shopping area in Kings Cross, H&M-owned fashion retailer Cos has a store that is more like an ongoing exhibition.

This hybrid space works as both a special edit of their collection and a destination for art and design. The unique brand experience hosts work from both established and emerging artists to entice customers into the store. As well as curating its own collection, it also offers limited edition prints, a selection of books and other products from brands with a story to tell. The addition of other products, all curated by Cos, gives customers a better insight into the lifestyle of the brand.

H&M (London)

H&M’s store in Hammersmith certainly stands out from its other stores.
Designed to be a more aspirational shopping experience, the store is also tapping into the sustainability trend.
The store is full of greenery and has lots of sustainable messages displayed above till points.

There is a ‘Repair and Remake’ station which encourages customers to recycle garments. It’s free for customers who are part of the H&M Club loyalty scheme and it offers personalized embroidery starting from £3.


Zoomers City Experience Store

(Store concept retailLAB)

Clicks < Bricks

Making Retail Personal

Bricks-and-mortar’s biggest challenge is not just to use technology to bring more data-driven insight into the physical retail environment, but to combine this statistical knowledge with human warmth and touch to make Stores and Brands personal again.

Today’s customers want everything! They want the advantages of digital, such as broad selection, rich product information and honest Customer Reviews. But never forget: they also want all the advantages of physical stores as well, such as personal attention and service, shopping as an event.


The first outlet store for online fashion brand Joe Browns
Fashion retailer Joe Browns – which moved from pure online retail with the opening of its first physical store, in Meadowhall, in 2017 – is to open its first outlet unit.

Joe Browns founder and managing director Simon Brown says, “This is the next phase for us in exploring retail and means more people will be able to access remarkable garments at great prices.

“Our Meadowhall store captures and really brings to life the essence of our fun and liberating brand, so we’re really looking forward to replicating this and delivering a true point of difference to the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet York.”

Simon Brown says he is optimistic about the future of the brand’s physical retailer spaces. “There are challenges out there in retail but there are also opportunities. We’re only a fraction of the way through our journey. Joe Browns can get as big as our imaginations want it to be.”

Online and OFFstreet.
As Brand- and Store Awareness goes through the Mobile phone more and more, many Big (sometimes experienced) Retailers and Brands are slowly moving away from expensive High street appearances into the online world. Downsizing cost will help of course, but will it be strong enough to keep the personal touch and contact with the Customer

Online is great, it is here to stay and that is wonderful. But it really is just a transaction.
It is difficult to build a meaningful relationship here! We need to re-energize the shopping experience, to bring back the relationship.
The joy of shopping, the fun, the excitement, the celebration, the social aspects and of course the community.

Let retailLAB inspire you!

Let’s talk ONEonONE and look at new and profitable ways to create more uniqueness and improve on the shopping experience to get in touch with the ever-changing mood- and mindset of a reluctant customer.
Sharing Experience and First impressions. Talking business, based on Adding Value from an Inspiring and Engaging perspective.

Put more emotion in your Concept.
More customers choice.
Delight and entertain.
Discover stuff.
Share stuff.
Take the analytical out.
Bring back the fun.