2020 will be a great year with lots of unexpected challenges and opportunities for Retail. (Both Off- and Online). Forget about what happened in 2019 and focus on 2020.

In this blog, I want to get back to you on my Crazy Idea that Understanding each other by checking out on the different ways we look at things is new and exciting. It provides Awareness and Expertise.

To see the full images may be best to do this on your laptop
First, you have to check out all 11 Images and find the right text and letter that goes with it. If done correctly, you’ll see that the letters make up 2 Key Words. Below the puzzle, you can find the answer. These 2 keywords should help you.

If you matched the images and the texts correctly, then you should get this as an answer:

Examples to look at?
What we see On-street and what we feel Online is a thin line between BIG players (trying to act small) and SMALL players (who still think they have to be big). A smile is no longer enough.

A smiley is no longer enough
A personal Smile is engaging!

There is so much going on in the mindset of an ever reluctant customer who is trying to keep up with all the changes that are happening around her/him.

PLEASE, give me some feedback on this Creative ‘Puzzle’ approach.
What do you think?
We are serious about it.

Let me know if you make the same associations by looking at things and if your Customers do so too….Thanks in advance,

Hans van den Hout
CEO, retailLAB