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My passion of being a strategic creative retail consultant makes me checking out over 30 new Retailstories and more than 20 Blogs a Day! Next to that, I have to check my email and LinkedIn friends, look on Twitter what’s up and see on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest what might be interesting for my selected audience.

OBESITAS in Information?
Maybe, but the truth is that my FOMO thinking also takes me to exciting and engaging stores and brands, promising new initiatives from Cities and Malls. Sometimes small and unexpected Etailers who are going onstreet, or Big retailers who know they have to reinvent themselves every day.

Yes, it costs to much time and there are some specific Blogs that are focussing on sending me specific news already but it feels so good finding it myself, maybe it’s my Etailing experience and I have to suffer for it.

I found some new retail ‘expeditions’ that might be interesting for you.

Source: H&M Afound, Press release

1. Afound is stepping into the Netherlands
Afound confirms its expansion into Europe, with the Netherlands set to become the first market outside Sweden. H&M is launching a “style and deal-hunting paradise” in the form of Afound, a multi-brand discount shopping destination.

Source: Harpers Bazaar and H&M. 

”We are very happy and proud to be able to take our concept as an innovative outlet and marketplace out into Europe, with the Netherlands as our first country later this year. The Netherlands is an exciting market for us to enter, where we believe we have the opportunity to fill a favorable position. The Dutch customer is an astute customer. And one we believe will warmly welcome our concept of offering really good deals on products that are already produced – such as overstock, in our marketplace”- Joanna Hummel, Managing Director Afound.

2. The future of retail is physical, augmented, virtual and fully immersive, by David Kratz

“Retail as theater” has been redefined. The new shopping, entertainment, immersive experience ecosystem will completely transform the roles of retailers, retail workers, brands, products, services and especially “customers.”

Galaxy’s Edge is designed as a settlement located in a remote corner of the galaxy named “Black Spire Outpost” on the planet Batuu, a hideaway for smugglers and rebels fighting the evil Empire and First Order.

At Galaxy’s Edge your retail expenditures are inseparable from your experience, each item of merchandise is imbued with stories to share and remember.

Gamifying the Galaxy
With the Galaxy’s Edge mobile app you can “hack” locked door panels to make them open, access the memories of droids, scan for hidden contents within cargo boxes, translate signs written in Aurebesh, and tune into communication devices in order to pick up secret messages.

3. Tata Is Building TRENT (an Indian Zara) Where Everything Is Cheaper
Trent is able to get new styles to stores in just 12 days Firm expands own brands after a decade managing Zara’s stores.

For nearly a decade, Tata Group has been Inditex SA’s partner running Zara stores in India. Now, the country’s largest conglomerate is building its own apparel empire as trend-focused as Zara — but at half the price.

Trent now plans to open 40 outlets of its flagship Westside chain every year and hundreds of its mass-market Zudio stores, where nothing costs more than $15, across India, said chairman Noel Tata in an interview in Mumbai. The target audience: a target group that is newly trend-conscious and globalized, but whose below-average incomes means that clothing from Zara itself is still mostly out of reach.

“Every consumer wants to wear the latest fashion.
Even if that consumer is from a smaller town, he will try to dress like a movie actor.”

A customer browses womenswear in a Westside Store.

Holy Grails?

As most of my Todays’ Clients are still looking for the ‘Holy Grail’. Something new that gives them the uniqueness and exclusivity in their approaches towards their Customers.

But there isn’t a holy grail!

These last 10 years I learned that there is so much happening around you (and worldwide) that it is going to be a ‘Science to keep up’ and ‘Follow the right tracks of information’.
For us ‘Holy Grails ’ means checking Outside In, looking & Feeling the details and thoughtfulness of the Retailers and Brand and see if it could change “the Journey of Shopping” into “A New ritual of buying”.