ZOOMERS City Experience Store – 6,5 Years of engaging retail

After 6,5 years the ZOOMERS City Experience Store in the Netherlands is still one of ‘the HAPPIEST Retail Places’ that makes more money. The 3000m2 store is still fresh, exciting and always ahead of the game, telling stories and keeping the customers longer instore, creating new values, inspiring and engaging the customer.

Where most of today’s retailers are focusing only on price & margin, ZOOMERS fashion knows that the future of retail is more about perceived values, brand awareness and storytelling. With a Fashion Café under the same roof they underline their vision of combining quality, attention and comfort.

To be successful today, we have to be better than the competition.
We need to design an emotional and innovative customer experience. Never forget it is their store.





A distinctive Dress collection, the ultimate shoe collection and plenty of quality bags to match. Accessories to die for, this is the place for you to look and feel great. The spacious fitting rooms are just right to make you feel at home. Time to show off to friends or quiet time to make that personal buying decision easier.

Shopping is no longer about the store, it’s about the Customer. Shopping should be a joy. It should be fun. The only way to make that happen is to think creative and OUTSIDE IN and design the whole new experience around the Customer, and create stores, and pamper online shopping in a way that WOW the public, that really works. Over the years ZOOMERS has become a leading benchmark for the Dutch fashion retail industry.

Next steps for ZOOMERS.
By selling off their smaller stores in 2018, ZOOMERS is now able to focus more on City Experience Stores and their ‘first fashion mall‘ in the Netherlands of 5000m2 and of course on 24/7 online shopping.

No Disruptive Retail anymore.
Accessoires, Books, Lamps, Home, Decoration, Fresh Flowers,
Fashion Cafe, Fashion LAB, gifts, exciting every day impulses.


  • Winner Dutch Retail Experience Award by the public.
  • Winner Dutch Retail Design Award.
  • Best chosen retail place to work.


The success of RetailLAB and most of their clients lies in the unique ability to provide concepts that are new and not only reach (and often exceed)
the business objectives, but also make the shopping experience more engaging and rewarding for the customer.
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