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Jumbo Golf & Hockey

Sport Experience

In 2004, the first Jumbo Golf opened its doors. In 2016 Bart van Pelt, CEO Jumbo Golf , visited retailLAB for a strategic meeting with Hans van den Hout about the future of golf retail in the Benelux countries. An analysis of the market showed a demand for a golf experience store that would still respect Jumbo’s core values: service and assortment at the best price. Now in 2021, we launched the Jumbo Golf & Hockey store 2.0!

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    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Arnhem, The Netherlands

  • Teteringen, The Netherlands

  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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“This one-stop-shopping location caters to every and all golfers’ needs and may already be seen as a benchmark for golf retail.”

Bart Van Pelt, Client

Golf & Hockey Experience Stores

by retailLAB

With over 400 stores JUMBO is well known as one of the industry leaders in food inspired supermarkets in the Benelux.

We created a true golf & hockey experience: starting with the eyecatcher in the lobby, to the driving range with three practice cages, the putting area and a hockey field. 

The end result is a store where both the golf & hockey fashion, equipment and accessories are lifted to new heights.

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