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LOLALIZA, a Belgium Fashion Company founded in 2001, with more than 100 stores in the Benelux, had ambitious plans to conquer the Western European market by expanding their portfolio of stores.

RetailLAB incorporated the company’s new vision and mission to create a sleek, modern and exciting new store design that appeals to both ends of LOLALIZA’s target customers.

The new LOLALIZA Store Identity has been rolled out in 2 years to 50 stores in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Each time, retailLAB was responsible for implementing the new Store-CONCEPT, Store-Identity and was in charge of the design, materialising and look&feel of each store.

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The new concept of LOLALIZA was nominated for the Shopping Excellence Award in Belgium. This award is intended for the retailer that excels in terms of originality of their concept, product or expansion in recent years.

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