“Hans van den Hout did a fine piece of work allowing the renovated hotels to provide our guests with the widest variety of options for doing business.
With his MEET WORK STAY concept for POSTILLION Hotels, he moved our traditional hospitality thinking into a modern and contemporary setting”
– Thijs Merks, General Manager Postillion Hotels

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Postillion Hotels is a four-star Dutch Hotel chain with currently 6 hotels, spread out across the Netherlands. The Postillion Hotels in Dordrecht, Deventer and Bunnik have undergone a total metamorphosis and were re-opened gloriously in 2010 and in 2013 after massive renovations and expansions.

With the new Look and Feel and modern renovation of the 40-year old building, it now has a 'One of a kind' look-and-feel that attracts people who pass along the motorway.

The Hotels have also been completely renovated on the inside. The design was made by retailLAB with an ongoing focus on the new slogan of Postillion Hotels: “Meet-Work-Stay” , retailLAB managed to revitalize the total Business Hotel feeling and experience.

It is great to see how Postillion is expanding and further implementing our hotel designs and Meet-Work-Stay concept into great new places.

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Sauce Hotel, Double Tree by Hilton
In 2016 we were asked to design and develop a great new Hotel Experience in Kemer, Turkey.

After 4 months of intens research and looking at some major hotel benchmarks we started our design work, Outside-In and based on our retailexperience and way of thinking. We focussed our design on a total Hotel experience by the customer, including all public areas like lobby, different restaurants, a Food Court, a beach club et cetera. Translating our new ideas on hospitality to enrich a full customer experience.

Our job:
*Outside-In and Inside-Out
*Customer oriented
*Branding, styling and identity
*A place to remember
*Total look and feel
*Color- and materialising schemes
*Decoration, Props

Other retailLAB projects


Fashion retailer ZOOMERS and retailLAB joined forces 40 years already. Hans van den Hout advises on store formats, branding and positioning.


retailLAB incorporated the LOLALIZA's new vision and mission to create a sleek, modern and exciting new store design that appeals to their target customers.

Mickey Brown's

In 2013 retailLAB started thinking of developing a fresh food concept to have our own LAB in which we could test to see if we still are on the wave of change.

Jumbo Golf

A shared passion for golf became the foundation for a store where golf fashion, golf equipment and accessories reach new heights.