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In 2013 retailLAB started working on a fresh food concept themselves.
This idea to see if we still are on the wave of change, and creating a direct line towards the Customer, made us go into all the details that were needed to create and built an extraordinary and fresh store concept.

We started with a new name: Mickey Brown’s. We analyzed the key values that Customers Today would appreciate, checked everything, from out- and indoor signage, POS elements, interior-materials, routing, total Look-and feel, colour and materials into the PRODUCT itself, and the PEOPLE behind the Concept we wanted onboard to share our believe and story. (Yes, retail really can take your breath and cost a lot of money and energy to start from scratch).

We tested the best coffee, tasted all new kind of teas and special drinks, lined up with some key suppliers but always kept our identity on top of our list.

After 9 month of rethinking, creating and designing we run into a great (shopping) location in one of the retail hotspots in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The best locations should help us with a quick start.

Food that makes you feel good

Mickey Brown’s is a real food company with food that makes you feel good.

Our food is handmade in our kitchen every day. Just like at home, fresh and delicious. Our own recipes are prepared with great passion for pure taste, using the best quality fresh ingredients.

But what’s more important! We know that food has to be good for you. It has to make you feel good! Good about life and yourself.

It is nice to know that our coffee is fairtrade. That our bread is made for us by the best local bakery and wherever possible we work with local and fairtrade partners.

And we are here to bring you food that makes you feel good. Why? Because all of our food and drinks, will make you happy and always come back with a big smile.

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